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Tropical Paradise Island

Silver King

Tarpon, also nicknamed "Megapolis Aerobicus", their love for aerobics will give any angler a thrill. Tarpon are also called tarpum, sabalo real, cuff, silverfish and Silver King.

Tarpon "Megalops Atlanticus"  Tarpon are among the most primitive fish living today, as revealed by the fin position, the heavy and distinctive scales, and their internal anatomy.  They are the only fish with an "air bladder" which allows them to absorb oxygen from the air and to live in waters with almost no oxygen content.

This Tarpon caught and released, estimated weight from length and girth scale to be about  150 lbs. 



"Reddog" "Red" whatever nick name an angler may have for this fish, it is pound for pound one of the most exciting fish to catch.  It has a never give up attitude. Found up along the mangroves or in the open flats, Reds, may be seen pushing up wakes, tailing, or "backing", feeding in water so low their backs are out of the water.  

It's a largemouth bass on steroids. It is, for saltwater anglers, the ultimate fish.  The snook slams a surface bait like no other finny creature.  It is not fishing for the weak of heart.

Spotted Sea Trout

At one time sea trout were the most popular sport fish in Florida. Years of too liberal bag limits and heavy commercial fishing pressure has taken its toll, and finding large sea trout as this one is fairly rare.


Cobia rank as one of Florida's most exciting inshore game fish.  Found in water as shallow as three feet and out to depths of over 100 feet. 

   New Email Address
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Captain Kevin Lubold  @  Tel: (941) 698-5744